WPS Half Marathon

I am sorry to share, that as a result of the effects COVID-19 response the 2020 WPS Half Marathon has been cancelled.

There is just no tenable way to host the event in a timely fashion. With current restrictions in place there is no path to even hosting a kit pick up to support a virtual run. Between the Provincial State of Emergency which makes crowds in excess of 10 illegal and the City of Winnipeg not permitting special event permits; we are at a dead end. (Of note, we support and understand these limitations that are in place for our protection).

We considered a postponement but there are a large number of events already on the fall calendar and no doubt some from spring/summer will attempt to move to that limited space as well. We also utilize many of the same volunteers and that's a resource that is finite.

Our team is of course disappointed, but with so much uncertainty about our short term future we have our community and country (The Planet) in our thoughts. We also hurt for our beloved charity whom we have worked so closely with for so long. We are proud of the over $2 million we have raised as a cumulative group!

I am sorry that we could not deliver on your investment in our event. I briefly explained why we are not in a position to offer refunds in a previous email. Like many other events and businesses, the future is a real challenge for us. We will work hard to come out of this so at some point we can even start to talk about 2021-but not today.

Stay well, keep perspective, look after your friends and family and reach out to those in your circles who are not only worried about COVID-19 but the emotional toll it is taking on many.

I look forward to my next email/posting having something more positive to share.

That's all for 2020....

Nick Paulet
Race Director