WPS Half Marathon

Good Day!

Happy New Year to you all and we hope you are staying warm and that your friends and family are managing well in these interesting times. I have been asked a number of times on my thoughts about whether we will be able to host in May and my answer is ‘YES’. I believe that come May, we will be in a good place and have good support from officials for the unique race plan that we have.

We have a great team here, and we have worked constantly over two race-year cycles to be as open, flexible, and understanding as possible.

Our charity, the Canadian Cancer Society, needs us to get back on the horse and get to work! We are grateful to the MB Marathon, Rotary Run, and Run Sage Creek, who have successfully had events go off without a hitch. We now have parameters and templates that give us a path. We also understand what MB Health will need to grant us permission-IF required for a May 2022 event.

We will be offering a unique model for 2022. We will have a virtual 5k and Half and live 5K, Half Marathon, and 2 Person Relay!

First, the most apparent condition for registrants in the live event is to be vaccinated and provide proof at the kit pick-up. Of course, if MB Health no longer requires that by May 2022-we will happily welcome our entire community to this special event.

Those who join us for the live event will select a starting corral when they register. There will be 10-minute windows from 0730-0820 you can select, and you start at your convenience in that window. As another option, even if assigned to a corral, between 0820 and 0900, the start line will be open for you to start when you like! So, you can sleep in!

There are many more details to follow; there are just the basics to try and get you thinking about joining us next May!

A reminder, there will be NO secret gift this year. Instead, those in the Half and Relay will get a race hoodie, and those in the 5k will have the option to upgrade from the shirt to the hoodie!

Another note, the Canadian Cancer Society has been advised by Revenue Canada that our refund of entries for fundraising can no longer proceed but we will work to come up with other initiatives later this winter to motivate us to drum up some cash for cancer research!

See you May 1!

Nick and the Team

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